DSS Souleye is the name of the characters' ship. It is a 3x2 set of rooms on the map, and is marked as being pink-themed.

Rooms Edit

Cyan room Edit

The left-bottom room of the ship. Contains a single teleporter.

Yellow room Edit

The middle-bottom room. Contains Vitellary (once rescued).

Red room Edit

The right-bottom room. Contains Vermilion (once rescued) and provides an exit, leading to Dimension VVVVVV.

Blue room Edit

The left-top room. Contains shelves holding Trinkets, and has Victoria watching over them (once rescued).

Green room Edit

The middle-top room. Otherwise known as the Jukebox. Contains music tracks from the game, with there being a track for every trinket milestone. Once rescued, Verdigris will stand nearby and watch over the machines.

Pink room Edit

The right-top room. Will always contain Violet, and four monitors.

Trivia Edit

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