The Jukebox is a room located on the DSS SoulEye. In it, several terminals can be activated to play each of the various themes in the game (excluding the 3DS/Pulsen edit of Predestined fate). Each track (except for Passion for exploring) must be unlocked with a certain number of trinkets, and will automatically be available once this number of trinkets is collected. The music selected by the player will continue to play as long as Viridian remains on the DSS Souleye.

The Jukebox contains the entire soundtrack of PPPPPP.


  • Passion for Exploring
  • Pushing Onwards
  • Positive Force
  • Potential for Anything
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Predestined Fate
  • Pipe Dream
  • ecroF evitisoP
  • Popular Potpourri
  • Presenting VVVVVV

Trivia Edit

  • ecroF evitisoP is Positive Force played backwards, and is also the theme of The Tower when played in Flip Mode.

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