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This article contains plot details about the game.

Despite being complementary colours (being opposite to each other on the colour wheel), Violet and Verdigris are both in love with each other.

Violet's side Edit

"Alright! You found Verdigris! Violet will be so happy to see him!" -Victoria
Violet makes a few references to Verdigris in the game.


Violet and Verdigris staring at each other in the first scene of the game

She mentions Verdigris in her help message to everyone in Space Station 1 (see picture 2)

If Verdigris has not been rescued yet, Violet will make a reference to him, before otherwise stating that he would make a great help to the repairs of the ship (not the primary reason she misses Verdigris)


Violet makes a reference to Verdigris in Space Station 1

Verdigris' side Edit

"I really like Violet!" -Verdigris, Intermission 1
Verdigris has the most obvious side of the relationship as he clearly states his love in the first intermission. He also asks Viridian for any advice.

However, he makes no reference to Violet in Intermission 2

Verdigris also asks if Violet is ok before he is rescued.

Viridian's involvement Edit

"Please promise you won't tell her" -Verdigris, Intermission 1
Verdigris gets Viridian involved in Verdigris' secret during Intermission 1. He also asks for any advice, which Viridian tells him to be himself.

Victoria's involvement Edit

When Verdigris gets rescued, Victoria will say that Violet will be so happy to see him. Violet may have told Victoria about her crush.

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